Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GHESchool Tour Video

Digital storytelling comes in many forms. In our technology lab we focus on how technology helps us learn and digital stories fit the bill. Technology students have been roaming the hallways with a digital camera and inquiring minds. Students took photos inside and out, and then narrated each one. If their picture was a person, they asked about their job. We discussed choices that did not include a person, such as the purpose of the teacher's workroom. We found people and places that we had never seen before -our school is huge!

Back in the technology lab, students practiced their lines with expression and enthusiasm. The challenge was to construct sentences that began with words other than, "Here is...." or "This is..." We combined narrations with the photos and chose music to fit the mood. Some students even directed the video transitions, effects and text. These steps can take 2-4 class periods depending on the teacher's purpose and preferences of integration.

Each class now has a video of different sections of the school. By combining parts of each video, we also have a video overview of our school.

This project included second and third graders. I have found that older elementary students enjoy the video creating process and are quite creative on their own when given ample time. We have more video projects in the works. One of our next projects will include posting videos on and translating subtitles. Students are creating vodcasts on several topics, so stay tuned for more (or subscribe to this feed).


Kathy said...

Your kids did a terrific job on this school tour. It inspires me to do something similar with my group of kids. Thanks for sharing. Where is Gold Hill? I am in West Columbia, SC.

JoNelle Gardner said...

We are actually just a few miles north of you in Fort Mill, SC.Thanks for the comments. My students will be thrilled.