Monday, March 2, 2009

What to Do? No Computers in the Lab?

Last week we had a day with no computers in the Technology Lab. Were the students surprised? Yes. Was the teacher worried? No - it was a great opportunity to talk about technology and the balance in our lives.

Technology = a tool that helps us work (more efficiently). If the technology makes a job harder, then choose another tool or learn a better way to use the tool. It takes time to learn to use a tool properly. Ask any craftsman, artist, or electrician.

We could ask our parents and grandparents how they worked before computers. How did they play? Outside was for sports, inside- what? no texting, no Wii?! What did they use in school? Paper, pencils, books, what? no SMARTBoard, no computers?!

We then considered the history of paper. Originally made of papyrus, it was considered a great advance in technology for communication. Paper is taken for granted now and many practice ways of recycling it. I wonder what history would reveal about rules of using paper.

The students thought about what they do in school and the games they play without modern technologies. Our south-eastern region is known for thunderstorms. Students told stories about what they do when the lights go out or the dreaded cable TV service goes down at home (audible groans).

Out came the old-fashioned paper, crayons and clipboards for the activity....1) Fold the paper. 2) Illustrate a game that you play. 3) Write a caption. 4) Smile for the camera.

Rules for game choices were: no electricity and no batteries. So here is a sample of
Games We Play! Batteries Not Included

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I tell my young students all of the time: computers are to help you get work done, so you have more time to play outside where you belong!

We may have another No Computer day....for old-times sake.

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Ann Oro said...

This is a great way to spend time discussing technology and breaks from technology. I enjoyed seeing the results on Smilebox!

Ashley said...

This was a great idea to show the students that you can still do many fun and enjoyable things even without the use of computers.

Susan Ampaya said...

I think that you did an excellent job. Our children need to appreciate what they have and how things were before the advent of all these wonderful things called technology. I grew up in a time where technology meant putting a 3 color screen in front of a black and white television so we could watch color tv shows. Wow, how things have changed.

Shelthia said...

This was super. There is so much technology available today. I feel that children have totally forgotten how to have fun without technology.